Falls Creek 2023 | June 26-July 1

We will be headed off to an amazing week of camp!  There are two forms, one for Eagle Heights and one for Falls Creek, and the cost is $150 per student.  All three can be taken care of here!

Please fill out both forms for each student you are registering: The Eagle Heights Medical Release Form & Falls Creek Registration Form linked below. Then see Payment Information at the bottom of the page.

Both the forms must be filled out completely and money must be submitted by June 11 to be officially signed up.

If you have any questions, please contact Parker - pgoforth@eagleheights.com or 918-231-2190.

Eagle Heights Medical Release Form

Falls Creek Registration Form

To fill out the Falls Creek Registration Form, please go to the link below and fill out all the information for each student you are registering.
(Note: the form will keep adding parts to fill out as you complete each section. After if lets you hit the "Submit registration" button you are finished with that student.)


Payment Information

To finalize your registration please pay $150 for each student you are registering via cash, check, or pay online before June 11th.

To pay via cash or check, please do so in person at Eagle Heights office during the week or on Sunday/Wednesday.
You can give your payment to Parker or Tara.

To pay online go to: