Family Worship Resources

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Understanding and getting started with family worship:
Family Worship – Donald Whitney
- A short and clear introduction to Family Worship.
Family Worship – Joel Beeke
- A short and clear introduction to family worship.
A Neglected Grace – Jason Helopoulos
- An introduction to family worship that hopes to express the joys of this discipline.
Equipping Fathers to Lead Family Worship – Ken Coley and Blair Robinson
- An introduction to family worship that helpfully targets fathers.
Further discussion of family worship:
Thoughts on Family Worship – J.W. Alexander
- A reflection on the many benefits of family worship.
Family Worship: Biblical Basis, Historical Reality, Current Need – Kerry Ptacek
- A detailed tracing of family worship through Scripture, history, and the present.
The Family Worship Book – Terry Johnson
- An explanation of family worship paired with hymn and reading resources.
Let the Little Children Come – Scott Aniol
- A discussion of regularly and intentionally worshipping with your family at home and in the local church.
A Practical Theology of Family Worship – Jonathan Williams
- A detailed look at Richard Baxter’s approach to family worship and how it can be brought into our homes.
What to read with your family:
  • Young children
The Biggest Story ABC – Kevin DeYoung
- A use of the ABC’s to teach the storyline of Scripture.
The Biggest Story – Kevin DeYoung
- A walk through the storyline of Scripture that is designed for young children.
Finding Jesus on Upside Down Days – Jill A. Miller
- A collection of stories from a farm that help teach children about the Bible and are designed to be used devotionally as a family.
God With Us – Jeremy Pierre
- A beautifully illustrated and clearly communicated walk through the narrative of Scripture.
The Forgotten King - Kenneth Padgett & Shay Gregorie
- A beautifully designed narrative that points children to the truths of Jesus.
  • Older children
The Biggest Story Bible – Kevin DeYoung
- The entire Bible presented for children in an easy to read and beautifully illustrated format.
The Big Picture Family Devotional – David Helm
- Family Worship guides through the Bible.
More Than a Story – Sally Michael
- In depth family worship chapters through the Old and New Testament.
Unfolding Grace for Kids – Drew Hunter
- 40 guides that walk families through the entire story of the Bible.
Beginning – Joel Beeke and Nate Thompson
- Over 90 detailed family worship guides through the book of Genesis.
Be Thou My Vision – Jonathan Gibson
- A set of 31 liturgical times of worship that are designed for and excellent to be use in a household setting.
Acrostic Theology - Jonathan Gibson & Timothy Brindle
- A set of rhyming ABC theology books for children (there are 4 out with a 5th on the way).
Little Pilgrim's Progress - Helen L. Taylor
- A beautifully written and illustrated version of the classic journey for children.
Family worship reading aid:
Family Worship Bible Guide - Joel Beeke
- One to three paragraphs of application for every chapter of the Bible.
A Divine Tapestry - Ryan M. McGraw
- Every chapter of the Bible summarized in one sentence and paired with a key verse.
How to pray with and for your family:
Praying the Bible – Donald Whitney 
- A concise book on how to pray Scripture.
Praying Through the Bible for Your Kids – Nancy Guthrie 
- A one-year Bible reading plan that includes application from the Scriptures in the form of prayers for your children.
Singing with your family:
Hymns of Grace 
- A modern hymnal that includes old and new hymns for the Church.
Our Hymns Our Heritage – David and Barbara Leeman 
- A resourced designed for students with 120 faithful hymns organized by theology with explanation of their origin and application as well.
Songs of Suffering – Joni Eareckson Tada 
- Reflections and music for 25 hymns that carried Tada through difficult times.
Timeless Hymns for Family Worship - Joni Eareckson Tada & Bobbie Wolgemuth
- A collection of helpful hymns and information about them for your family.
EHBC playlists:
The New City Catechism
- Learnable questions and answers about our faith for you and your children presented in a clear and helpful format.
The Illustrated Westminster Shorter Catechism 
- Vibrant pictures designed to help your child remember these powerful questions and answers.
Other family resources:
The Gospel Made Clear to Children – Jennifer Adams 
- A wonderful resource designed to be read aloud with your child, explaining the gospel to them with clarity.
Big Truths for Young Hearts – Bruce Ware
- A chapter-by-chapter resource that helps parents teach their children systematic theology.
Safeguards – Julie Lowe 
- An excellent resource for parents as they think about their child’s safety and equipping them to live wisely in the world.
Between us Guys – Joel Fitzpatrick 
- A guide for fathers and sons to talk through life and faith together.
Between us Girls – Tricia Donahue 
- A guide for mothers and daughters to talk through life and faith together.
Age of Opportunity – Paul David Tripp
- A biblical approach to parenting teens.
Gospel Family – Jonathan Williams 
- A broad and helpful look discussion on intentional and fruitful family discipleship.
Disciplines of a Godly Family – Kent and Barbara Hughes 
- Detailed and practical wisdom on biblical parenting from two wise parents.
Family Discipleship – Matt Chandler and Adam Griffin 
- A clear guide to making the most of family moments in order to effectively disciple your children.
The Disciple-Making Parent – Chap Bettis 
- Helpful discussions on being parents who are striving to make disciples.
Parenting – Paul David Tripp 
- An excellent resource on gospel-centered parenting.
Family Driven Faith – Voddie Baucham 
- A broad look at how to raise a family in a post-Christian world.
Family Shepherds – Voddie Baucham 
- Pressing men to be the spiritual leaders of their homes.
Intentional Parenting – Tad Thompson 
- Helping parents be intentional with their discipleship efforts at home.
The Radical Books - Champ Thornton
- Helpful and fun resources for teaching children important truths
- Family worship guides and blogs.
- Family resources, family worship guides, and articles.
- Family resources, family worship guides, and articles.
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